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Rajiv Gandhi College of Education

Rajiv Gandhi College of Education is one of the prestigious Teacher training college under Bangalore University and in Karnataka. The institution is providing quality teacher education by providing quality training to the prospective teachers. Rajiv Gandhi College of Education started in the year 2004. It is recognised by NCTE. Affiliated to Bangalore University and Approved by Karnataka.

Dr Y N Prasad, Ph.D


Teacher education institutions occupy Special Position in modern India. The traditional role of these institutions has been criticized because of narrowness in the outlook of those in-charges of building up the training programmes for the teachers. Education according to Bertrand Rusell, is one of the effective forces for bringing any social change, anything which is constructive in the interest of the nation can be fostered through school education to start with. It should not be forgot that a huge potential lies up tapped in the younger generation. The school is a power-house which can generate and regenerate power for being used in different channels by the whole country and teacher education institutions have the ultimate responsibility to direct the functions of these power houses. Time has come when everybody will have to think in terms of national interest and human welfare.

Teacher education is the base of all stages of education. The quality of education depends on teacher education. India has a rich heritage about teachers of our country have been respected much by their studies and the society. Since the quality of teachers depends on the quality of teacher education programmes, lots of efforts have been taken in our country to improve teacher education system. Since here efforts have been taken to improve the quality of teacher education.